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RosedaleHills IN Locksmith Store RosedaleHills, IN 317-483-1540Have you ever seen an emergency exit? Chances are that it would have been a mall, hotel, or a theatre where these are installed. They are needed as the facility in which there are a large number of people, to assist them to escape an emergency exit if the need be. But have you thought what really makes an emergency door work? It is a push bar or a pseudo lock, which is what it is usually referred to as, which makes these emergency exits work. The basic idea behind these is that the door should look locked, but should be easily opened from the inside, while being locked always from the outside. If you are looking for an exit lock installation somewhere in area, then contacting RosedaleHills IN Locksmith Store can really prove fruitful.

Working of push bars

Springs are the basic working principle components behind push bars . When it is pressed from the inside, the spring is coiled, and it tries to get back to its equilibrium position every time the force on the bar stops. This mechanism closes the door.

Types of push bars

One would think that such a specialized product would not be available in many variants. But the truth of the matter is that there are a host of variants in push bars available as well. The various variants have been designed based upon the kind of doors they are installed upon, how many people would be using it at any point in time and the number of floors on which such installations will be made in the building. If these tend to become too overwhelming for you to choose from, then our expert locksmiths can happily help you with the decision.

Security aspects of push bars

The spring based working mechanism of the doors enable its opening only from the inside. This way since the door does not open from the outside, there is this check in place that no unauthorized access can be made from outside. Apart from this, there are push bars available today which are installed with special alarms. This way even if an intruder enters the building somehow, escaping through the fire exit will be tough as the alarm would ring off as soon as the bar gets pressed.

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